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Our G5® Equitec® professional massage devices assist you during your horse's treatment all along his career, in order to optimize his performance and well-being.

More generally, they help to warm up before exercise and to accelerate the post-exercise recovery process. During the physiotherapy & rehabilitation process, it allows to considerably reduce the length of the convalescence period.

All the below mentioned pathologies only represent a small selection of the treatment possibilities offered by the G5® system, which constitutes a great complementary technique to veterinary, physiotherapy and osteopathic manipulation treatments.

  • Tendinopathies

  • Neck pains

  • Myositis

  • Ligaments pains

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Deep muscle spasms

  • Torn muscles

  • Trigger points

  • Circulatory problems: blood and lymph flows stimulation

  • Edema reduction

  • Haematomas

  • Lymphatic drainage/Toxins elimination

  • Muscular preparation and recovery

  • Pre-competition performance programs

  • Others

Want to know more ? Downlad the detailed description of our training video content to get the G5® Equitec® treatments full list.



Equitec® takes care of your horse in the key steps of his career, for his good health, performance and well-being

Zones de traitement

Discover our G5® massage applicators with their optimized ergonomics to perform polyvalent and precise treatments, ideally suited for your horse's body

Ref. AP215S

Mainly used for kneading, deep tissue massage. Also very well suited for stimulation, muscular recovery, before and after exercise.

Ref. AP217SD

Used for plantar reflexotherapy, abdominal massage to encourage the resumption of bowel movements, pastern fold (mobilisation of the podophylis).

UtilisUsed for back massage, ideal for relaxation massage. Its curved shape makes it particularly versatile (on the back, the front and hind legs, neck, ...)


Ref. AP230
Ref. AP216S

Particularly suited for tendonitis reduction using the "gliding movement" technique. Also very well suited for the spinal column treatment.

Ref. AP227

Used for tendons treatments, enabling a trigger point effect where the thumb or index would usually be used.

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