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Discover the G5® Equitec® pack in video

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Discover below our range of Equitec® infrasounds generators and compatible applicators.

Thanks to its unique patented system of Vibro-Percussion® and to the properties of the waves it generates, the G5® Equitec® successes in providing efficient treatments both superficially and in depth down to the organs, while remaining highly comfortable and pleasant for both your horse and yourself


  • One 24V G5® Equitec® infrasounds generator with continuous frequency controller from 0 to 60Hz, and a 3-meter extendable spiral cord, rechargeable on universal battery

  • One vibrating surcingle tailor-made in natural leather with its optimised internal structure for a hands-free use and a diffuse propagation of the waves.

  • 2 sets of 24V rechargeable batteries of minimum working time of 8 hours each (about 5-hour recharging time)

  • One 100-240V mains universal charger

  • 5 G5® massage applicators with their optimized ergonomics for a great adaptation to the horse

  • One soft carrying bag

  • One training video supplied on USB stick

  • A 3-year parts and labour warranty on both the device and the surcingle and 1 year on G5® accessories



  • In a surcingle-free version, with one rechargeable battery, under the G5® Equi-T reference

  • In a special "Trot & Gallop" version, under the  G5®  Equi-TG reference


Its hand-made vibrating leather surcingle, fitted with a specific armature allowing the spread of the vibrating waves within the horse’s body, is ideal for a hand-free use for daily treatment routines: warmup before exercise, recovery post exercise, or even lymphatic drainage. On another hand, its package of G5® massage applicators with their optimized ergonomics allow the performance of specific physiotherapy treatments on targeted traumatized areas


The waves generated by the G5® Equitec® devices have analgesic, muscles relaxing, thixotropic, and draining properties which guarantee an efficient, quick and comfortable treatment for the horse. Its patented system of Directional-Stroking® allows a targeted penetration of the waves in depth, which is ideal to work on muscles groups as big as the horse’s ones. Finally, its instant action results in a considerable reduction of the overall treatment time.


Its minimal weight and voltage (24 V) make it a quitet and very safe unit for both your horse and yourself. Moreover, all our G5® devices are Made in France, within our factory based in Casteljaloux (Aquitaine). In order to get a greater flexibility and quality, we collaborate with 98% of local suppliers from the South-West of France. Finally, our Quality Management system complies with the ISO 13485 standards, which certifies our qualitative and safe production process.

The      of G5® Equitec®


Thanks to its soft technology and optimized design, the G5® Equitec® is comfortable for both your horse and yourself. The relaxing and analgesic properties of very low frequency vibrations make the G5® massage system a very soft and non-invasive technology, very comfortable and well tolerated by horses. Also, its light weight (< 2kgs), its 3-meter extendable spiral cord and its rechargeable batteries (8-hour working time) small enough to fit into your jeans'pocket make it very practical and nice to manipulate all day long.


New ! Pay in 24 or 36 monthly instalments,

without deposit.



Within our factory in Casteljaloux. Surcingle "tailor-made" by a local






And 1-year for accessories. Parts and labour


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